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Sure, sildenafil citrate works for engineering erections. But that doesn't mean yet that sildenafil citrate makes for great sex.

There are many shortcomings to sildenafil citrate. And it's not just the headache that sildenafil citrate causes.

Prescribing sildenafil citrate, or buying it over the counter, seems an easy solution to a nagging problem.

But as a matter of fact, it's often not a genuine solution. Because what often fails aging men is not so much erectile function, but sexual excitability. Many aging men are not as interested in sex as they were in younger years, and of course, under such circumstances, erections don't happen, or easily collapse.

The first line of attack should therefore not so much target erectile function but rather sexual excitability, libido.

Here sildenaful citrate simply is a failure. It does absolutely nothing for sexual excitability.

Take a large enough dosage, and you'll have a boner. And you're still bored with sex.

Don't start with sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient in Pfizer's Blue. Start with something like butea superba, a Thai plant that modulates a whole range of androgens (male hormones) with a noticeable increase in sex drive.

And then add kaempferia parviflora which in Thai is called Kaempferia parviflora or krachai dum (rhymes with rum, the Carribean alcohol), or black ginger.

Black ginger sounds like it's just an ingredient in Asian cuisine. But in fact, it's a medical application. It's a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, just like sildenafil citrate, and phosphodiesterase inhibitors account for erectile ease.

But kaempferia parviflora is more gentle than sildenafil citrate, and it's not that it could just be taken when the occasion arises, as is the case with sildenafil citrate.

Kaempferia parviflora can be taken for months on end, and the longer one takes it the better the effect. Kaempferia parviflora is penile tissue rejuvenation. When the libido is there, there is erectile ease, and nothing collapses before an orgasm, even if one goes along for half an hour.

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